• Local ceviche with calamari, tiger shrimp, celery, ginger, sweet potato, concha, and aji amarillo. Phootography by Claudia Uribe.

    • A cheerful, comfy banquette at Michy's, chef Michelle Bernstein's pride and joy. Phootography by Claudia Uribe.

    • Baked Alaska with pistachio cake, dulche de leche ice cream, Italian meringue, and passion fruit salsa. Phootography by Claudia Uribe.

    • Michy's jewelbox of a dining room features lacquered floors, funky oil cloth upholstery, and capiz shell chandeliers. Phootography by Claudia Uribe.

    • Short ribs with puree of parsnip, shaved celery, apples, pea shoots, and gremolata. Phootography by Claudia Uribe.

      ISSUE 11: MIAMI


      Teeny-tiny but big on talent, this stylish Upper East Side boite (think: azure floors and capiz shell chandeliers) is the pride of acclaimed husband and wife restaurant team David Martinez and Michelle Bernstein. Chef Bernstein excels at upscale comfort food and seasonal preparations, like squash blossoms with shrimp mousseline and salt-crusted snapper with artichoke and olives. And for dessert? Just try to say no to the baked Alaska.