• A colorful shrimp kohlrabi salad with chicken, peanuts, oranges, lime, fish sauce and fresh herbs. Photograph by Derek Richmond.

    • "Scrappy bread" filled with potato, onions, and an over easy egg served with curry compound butter. Photograph by Photograph by Derek Richmond.

    • Open pantry shelves provide a colorful backdrop for a chef at work. Photograph by Derek Richmond.

    • The smoky-sweet Lapsang Bianco shaved ice cocktail is a surprising autumn delight. Photograph by Derek Richmond.

    • Udon noodles with spicy marinated cod roe, kimchi, and seaweed. Photograph by Derek Richmond.

    • Chef Edward Kim did stints at New York's Per Se and kitchens in Seoul, Korea before settling in the Windy City. Photograph by Derek Richmond.

    • A sake-brasied, deep fried bone-in Berkshire pork shank served with japanese curry, brown rice, and pickled onions. Photograph by Derek Richmond.



      A fixture of every best-of list in the city, this hip new Wicker Park spot is star chef Edward Kim’s bold and inventive follow up to his wildly successful Ruxbin. Communal tables and a rustic-meets-industrial decor lend the space a pleasantly casual vibe, but don’t be fooled: while the menu of funky pan-Asian fare–like kimchi empanadas and “everything” wings–is raucous and fun, the kitchen at Mott Street is seriously talented.